Anindya sudah dua puluh tahun, Pak... Dan umur itu satu arah, nggak ada kata mundur...


Close Your Eyes

My oestrogen levels were dominant on this week. That is what I shall remember for the rest of my days. My face was full with breakouts and angry red spots. But my heart was even fuller, it overflowed. This was the one plan. One that was executed perfectly, clean cut, a murder mystery with no evidence … Continue reading Close Your Eyes

Album Review – Adult Contemporary

"All your other lovers wanna dance with you, but I'm the only one who makes you want to move." Milo Greene's latest album, Adult Contemporary, was released on the seventh of September. As an avid and loyal listener, I had to listen to the whole thing, even if I haven't gotten the physical CD in my hands. … Continue reading Album Review – Adult Contemporary

A Letter to My 30-year-old Self

Dear Karen, I've set a reminder on your Google account, so that ten years from now—on your 30th birthday—you'll read this letter that I'm currently writing. First of all, happy birthday. Can't believe you're already thirty now, huh? The day I'm writing this, I'm definitely not-so enjoying the last of my teenage years; by the … Continue reading A Letter to My 30-year-old Self

4D3N Singapore Trip: My First Time in Singapore on a Budget (1)

This post is best read on your laptop or computer. Warning: lots of words and photos. A 5 to 10-minute read. I was glad when one of my parents invited me on a trip to Singapore. I've only been abroad once (Hong Kong, Winter 2014) and the idea of traveling abroad again made me very … Continue reading 4D3N Singapore Trip: My First Time in Singapore on a Budget (1)

Six Girls and a Family

"We were very different people. But together, we were undivided." One of the many things I am most grateful about in campus life is the presence of these five girls who have been with me since day one. I do not know what brought us together; I just remembered being tired of singing soprano in … Continue reading Six Girls and a Family

A Warm Hello from the Girl in the Peach Dress

To everyone reading this post, hello and welcome to my new blog. Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I used to actively write and post on Tumblr. Ever since Tumblr has been blocked by the Indonesian government, I've decided to move to WordPress and start anew with fresh … Continue reading A Warm Hello from the Girl in the Peach Dress